Norwich Union pet insurance

So you want to get cover for your pet, maybe Norwich Union pet insurance is just what you need. The last thing anyone wants to see is an injured pet. Dogs and cats see to have a way of playing with traffic and due to this quite a few animals get knocked down. Not only is this horrible for the animal it also weight very heavily on the purse strings.

Sometimes pets will become ill or catch something. There are lots of tablets to help you get your pet back up to speed the problem here is the fact that it costs so much for the tablets. You obviously don't want to leave your pet in pain but sometimes people just can't afford it. With a decent insurance plan these two scenarios can be easily avoided.

Norwich Union are owned by Aviva but they still provide Norwich Union insurance. With their cover you can expect vet fee's covered up to £6,500 a year. You can also take advantage of their travel schemes or boarding kennel options if you are heading abroad. There is no maximum age limit for the pet so you can always get cover regardless of how old your pet is.

Aviva provide a great pet insurance plan so hit up their website and be sure to check it out!

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