NSandI Income Bonds

NSandI (NS&I) income bonds is a safe way to invest your money and earn an additional income every month. Bonds are backed directly by the HM Treasury, so all money is secured and guaranteed; your income from the bonds are also paid directly into your bank or building society hassle-free.

How do the bonds work?

Anyone over 16 years old can invest in NSandI income bonds. You can invest individually or jointly with another person, or add trustees to the account at any point. For each investment, you must invest a minimum of £500 and a maximum of £2 million.

The interest rates on NSandI income bonds are variable and can be checked in conjunction with current interest rates. No matter how much you invest, you'll receive the same interest rate; rather than adding this interest to your sum, NSandI income bonds will transfer the interested amount directly to your bank account.

You can input money to your account at any time - as long as the amount is over £500. You can also withdraw your bonds without notice and without incurring any kind of penalities.

Are income bonds right for me?

According to the NSandI income bonds section of their site, income bonds are ideal for anyone who wants an income at a variable rate, requires easy access to their money and has £500 to invest. They're not ideal for a customer who expects guarnateed returns or a growth in investment value.

If you're still not sure whether a NSandI income bond is right for you, you can visit their site at nsandi.com and read through their guides, or use the contact page to speak to a representative who can guide you through their investment choices.

How do I apply?

You can apply to NSandI income bonds through their site, nsandi.com, and using their contact page to either phone the site or submit an application. To apply, you'll need your debit card details, a nominated UK account, a valid e-mail address and your NSandI account information, if you are already registered with the company.

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