Where to Obtain Nursing Grants

Nursing grants are available not only from nursing schools and other academic institutions, but they may be obtained from non-profitable organisations as well.

Grants from the National Health Service (nhscareers.nhs.uk)

One of the requirements is for the student to be currently enrolled in a nursing course. Selected students may receive £1,000 annually and a maximum addition of £4,395 annually for means-tested bursary. If you are enrolled in London, an addition to your grant may amount to as much as £5,640.

Grants from the Royal College of Nursing (rcn.org.uk)

There are 14 types of primary schemes available from the college if you are looking to apply for a bursary, scholarship or a certain type of educational award that could provide you with financial assistance for your education. One of this is the Alun Islwyn Giles Memorial Nursing Scholarship, which is available only for students in the college’s Wales campus.

Grants from The Burdett Trust for Nursing (burdettnursingtrust.org.uk)

This trust frequently collaborates with other groups or organisations to provide financial assistance for nursing students. One such example is the collaboration between the trust and the International Council of Nurses, wherein both groups provide bursaries for students to enroll in the Global Nursing Leadership Institute. One unique grant from the trust, on the other hand, is a part of their collaborative effort with the Junius S. Morgan Benevolent Fund, which aims to provide funding for current and past nursing practitioners and other healthcare professionals who are suffering from physical or mental ill health.

If you were thinking of applying for nursing grants, it would be best to prepare in advance and have excellent scholastic records to prove that you are deserving of such help.

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