Ocean Finance Customer Reviews

If you're looking to use Ocean Finance, customer reviews can really help you decide whether the company is right for you. It's easy for a company to write a glowing monologue of themselves on a webpage or advert, but this isn't always a true reflection of a company. Only customers with first-hand experience will be able to tell you whether or the not the company itself is as good as the adverts, or website, suggests.

Ocean Finance is a well-known "bad credit" personal finance lender. They don't accept everyone but they won't turn you down with CCJs like most high street banks would and can be very accommodating to most applicants.

Luckily for Ocean Finance reviews of their company are just as good as their promising adverts. From six sources of online reviews, many customers were very pleased with all aspects of the company and said they would recommend them.


Customer Service

Customer service for Ocean Finance was rated highly by customers. Generally, advisors are very helpful and provide correct, accurate information about their products and do their best to help customers.


Application Time and Hassle

No one wants a load of hassle when they're strapped for cash and really need a loan. There's no specific time scale for receiving a loan with Ocean Finance and although customers have indicated they do want a lot of information the general process of applying for a loan has been described as hassle free, thanks to the guidance of good customer service providers.


Loan Acceptance

Another priority for people with bad credit is finding a provider who is willing to offer you a loan. Most of the time, customers are told by a company they'll be accepted for a loan with their bad credit but, upon completing the application form, are flat-out rejected. All Ocean Finance customer reviews indicated that the company was willing to accept them as an applicant when they'd been rejected numerous times and commended Ocean Finance on this particular quality.



Ocean Finance customer reviews don't mention how much loans cost and even the Ocean Finance website can't give you a fixed amount you should expect to pay, because loans are calculated according to your circumstances. As a bad credit provider their rates are a little higher than other companies but most customers agreed that the deal they received was good for their situation and repayments didn't put them in more debt.


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