Find out more about offshore banking interest rates

Have you completely lost faith in the financial institution her at home and wish to move your money to an offshore account? Offshore banking interest rates are highly competitive and we have rounded up some of the best information for you to safeguard your money while earning as much in interest as is possible.

For a comparison of all offshore banking interest rates that UK citizens are eligible for then visit www.interest-rates.org.uk/offshorecomparison.htm. You can just input the amount you wish to save and the number of days you would like to save for without withdrawing anything and hit enter.

Should you feel that you might require access to your account at any time then simply input 0 days here. As it is offshore banking then it is recommended that you save an amount at least in the 5 digit region as some banks have minimum thresholds that you need to meet to meet their eligibility criteria.

If you want a reliable bank and want to avoid a lengthy comparison of all available options then HSBC is highly recommended. On their website they answer all possible questions you might have about offshore accounts and also give a straight forward rundown of all the terms and conditions of each of their amazing accounts.

They have a range of accounts and from these you are bound to find one that suits you. You can even choose to open an account in another currency and this is ideal if you are someone that carries out a lot of international transactions. Visit www.offshore.hsbc.com today for more information on great HSBC accounts.

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