Open an offshore banking account online with HSBC

If you are no longer enticed to save or invest your hard earned cash with the banks in this country then why not consider an offshore banking account with online access. This may sound like a lot of hassle but it needn't be once you have the right information to help you get started.

With the current economic uncertainties and turmoil hitting the markets at unpredictable times, having an offshore account can be the safest way to look after your money. Offshore accounts are not governed by your country of residence. Instead they are subject to the laws of the offshore jurisdiction where they are held meaning that any economic turmoil at home and it will not affect your money.

You know you can trust HSBC to keep your money safe as that is exactly what they have been doing for years. You can choose between an offshore fixed rate savings accounts, fixed deposit accounts or offshore current accounts depending on your needs. The HSBC current account offers you flexible day to day banking, 24 hour internet and phone banking and a debit card in either Sterling or Dollars.

You are eligible to open one of these accounts once you have a minimum of £25,000 relationship balance and you are over 18. This means that you must have £25,000 across any number of accounts with HSBC International meaning that you can have the majority of it in a savings account. There is also a minimum balance for the offshore current account is £5,000.

Visit www.offshore.hsbc.com/1/2/ for more information on offshore banking online accounts with HSBC.

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