Offshore Incorporations Limited and Alternative Companies

Established in 1986, Offshore Incorporations Limited (offshore-inc.com) has its headquarters in Hong Kong, but specialises in providing corporate set-up and compliance services for clients wishing to set up their business anywhere in Asia. The company can help you register your business and ensure that every legal requirement for its set-up is successfully completed. It also offers multilingual customer support for its clients, with branches open in Taiwan and Singapore.

You have, of course, other alternatives besides the aforementioned company if you wish to set up your primary business or offshore company in Asia.

Healy Consultants: A Global Company Formation Service Provider

Healy Consultants (healyconsultants.com) also specialises in forming corporations in Asia, but also has clients in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Aside from corporation set-up services and other related work, the company also offers services related to e-commerce as well as international banking, trading and tax planning. The best thing about this company, however, is that it offers a fee calculator on their website and which you can use to determine if you can afford the top notch services of Healy Consultants.

OCRA Worldwide: Step-by-Step Processing

OCRA Worldwide (ocra.com), like Offshore Incorporations Limited, offers corporate set-up services. But, like Healy Consultants, its business is definitely not limited to helping individuals build their own corporations. The company can also help clients establish their own foundations and trusts in different parts of the world. They can also help clients with operational needs such as management, secretarial and virtual office. Lastly, the company also has a quotation questionnaire that can give you an estimate of how much you will spend for their services.

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