How do I withdraw my offshore money

There are a multitude of attractive offers associated with offshore banking, which is why a record number of people are looking into international banking and offshore accounts. Apart from tax benefits, these accounts offer a degree of privacy as well as a first-class customer service. Despite popular belief, it is actually just as easy for people to access their offshore money as it is to access savings in a UK bank account.

Most financial institutions who offer an offshore banking facility also have a branch in the UK. All the big names in this country such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Santander and Halifax all offer an offshore banking option to their customers who request it. However, if you are wanting to put your money in a bank in Singapore or you want to open a Swiss bank account, your offshore money can be accessed just as easily.

Most offshore bank accounts have a debit card attached to them, this means you can use the card and access your offshore money whenever you want. It is worth asking the bank if there are any currencies that may be exempt from this, as many banks tend to deal in sterling, euros, dollars and the yen. If you can't get a debit account for your offshore money than you need to ask your financial institution if they have a partner company with whom they deal. This is much like them having a branch in your country except the two banks are not related, they just have a business agreement to serve each others customers when needed. You will be charged a fee for using this service.

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