A guide to oil boiler insurance and repair

Having an oil boiler insurance or repair policy is a smart choice to make. Oil boilers aren't really covered by many energy companies anymore, or some companies don't offer a specific policy to accurately cover an oil boiler. Unlike normal boilers, oil boilers are used when gas mains can't reach your home and is considered a "wet heating" supply; oil is normally delivered to a tank close to the home as opposed to gas mains. Despite many people still having oil boilers in their home, many companies don't offer much cover for oil heating systems.

If you have an oil boiler, insurance or repair policies are important to ensure your boiler receives an annual service. All boilers should be serviced annually to detect any carbon emissions that could be harmful or spot potentially failing components in a boiler and replace these immediately.

Your oil boiler may need servicing if:

  • It produces a black smoke or build up of soot, which reduces boiler efficiency
  • A yellow stain appears around the boiler
  • The pilot light frequently goes out
  • Condensation increases inside windows
  • A yellow flame occurs rather than a blue flame

By having oil boiler insurance and repair cover you can make sure that you're not left without heating over a long period of time. As oil boilers are more likely in country areas this aspect of cover can be especially important; calling out a normal engineer could take a few days, especially during holiday periods. Dedicated insurance should enable a repair team to reach you in a timely fashion, or financially compensate you for loss of heating over a long period of time.

Some companies that still provide oil boiler insurance and repair coverage are:

  • NPower
  • HomeServe
  • Boiler Plus
  • British Gas
  • Scottish Fuels

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