Where to obtain oil fired boiler insurance

Oil fired boiler insurance is likely to be more expensive than insurance for gas boilers, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to find an insurer with excellent rates.

Your energy provider may provide oil fired boiler insurance anyway, but you should probably look around for other providers before taking out an insurance policy. Oil boiler insurance is offered by large companies such as British Gas, N Power, Direct Line and Swinton cover.

Policies with Annual Service

When you take out oil fired boiler insurance try to find a policy that offers an annual service. Not only will this ensure your boiler works at optimum efficiency but it also ensures your boiler is making the most of its fuel and not expending energy, saving you money on fuel bills in the future.

24 Hour Assistance

Most homes have gas fuelled boilers today. However, if you live in an isolated area you'll probably use an oil boiler because gas mains can't get to that area of the country. Oil fired boiler insurance should include year-round assistance; losing your heating in a isolated area, especially if no engineer can get to you for a few days, is the worst case scenario.

Emergency Criteria

Check with your oil fired boiler insurance company what kind of circumstances are considered an emergency. Some policies will guarantee a call out to any area in the case of an emergency, but they might not out every instance as critical (i.e., having no hot water is not considered an emergency circumstance).

Oftec Registration

Always opt for a oil fired boiler insurance company that offers Oftec engineers (much like gas safety engineers but instead qualified to work on oil boilers). All engineers checking your boiler system should be Oftec registered for safety and to ensure all work is carried out professionally.

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