Olympic tickets farce

Among those who received nothing after applying for tickets for the 2012 Olympics were Boris Johnson’s family and gold medal winning cyclists Chris Boardman and Bradley Wiggins.

If you replied and received nothing at all, then there are some options left for you. In late June an exclusive window will open for ‘second chance’ tickets. These will be served on a first come first served basis - so get ready!

Otherwise you can wait until November when tickets go on general sale. It’ll be something of a cat fat for tickets, and your chances of success will be slim.

Alternatively you could go with a package deal, but they will be simply mega expensive, costing thousands of pounds for each individual ticket.

Thomas Cook is offering tickets as part of short break packages, which include a hotel stay. Some are reasonably affordable so you can, for example, bag tickets for the rhythm gymnastics final, together with a one night stay in a Heathrow hotel for £129 a head.

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