One Call comprehensive car insurance

Famed for its high quality customer service and decent low cost, One Call and its car insurance policies are provided by a single insurance company, but rather a group of insurance providers whose mutual representation is One Call.

Comprehensive car insurance from each of these providers is analysed according to your needs and situation, and you will be quoted with the plan that maximises your coverage but minimises your cost.

These companies all offer slightly different policies, regarding, for example, the coverage of audio equipment, and it is worth reading all of their individual files at onecalldirect.co.uk/existingCustomers/policy-downloads.php.

There are, however, the usual consistencies between the providers: they all offer similar protection against accidental, fire and theft damage (paying for repairs or replacement), they all offer £20,000,000 worth of coverage for damage to another person's property, and they all offer some degree of European Union coverage (usually 90 days per year).

As well as a conventional no-claims bonus, resulting in benefits and a price-lock over several years if you make no claims, One Call's car insurance plan also has an additional driver bonus, in which an additional driver registered on your policy can accrue bonuses for making no claims even if you (as the policy holder) have claimed.

In extension to this, there are the usual extra optional features which you can arrange when you make your policy: a breakdown recovery service, coverage for legal expenses, and an "excess reducer", decreasing the amount of money you need to pay up-front if you must make a necessary repair at a One Call-authorised garage. These offers are made by all of the individual providers.

To read more information, and get your personalised quote today, check One Call's website at onecalldirect.co.uk.

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