Get One Day Car Insurance Deals When Temporary Cover Is All You Need

Not all UK driving license holders will own a vehicle of their own and as such do not have regular annual car insurance. But, motorists wishing to hire a car, take a trip or are in the process of obtaining proper insurance may want temporary car cover. One day car insurance is the ideal solution and is available from many dealers online which makes for a fast response.

Not all of the big names in car insurance will offer this service but for those that do it can be expensive. Often a much better deal can be found by using a provider who specialises in this type of temporary cover. To be sure of the best deal it is sensible to obtain as many quotes as possible. There are plenty of comparison services to choose from. Comparethemarket.com is one well know name that can be used by going to:


Alternatively for specialist dealers try:

http://www.cheaponedaycarinsurance.co.uk/ for cheap deals or

http://www.rac.co.uk/day-insurance/ for one day or pay as you go cover that can be extended if it is required.

Full details are displayed on all their webpages.

Most one day car insurance providers have similar conditions of acceptance, however there are variations. For anyone who falls outside the eligibility conditions, it is vital to check all suppliers to try to find one that meets your circumstances. The majority of companies stipulate applicants are aged between 24-75 years of age and have held a full UK driving license for the minimum of one year.

Other important points are that drivers with more than six penalty points on their license or who have been disqualified from driving within the last 5 years are not accepted. Full details of conditions will be clearly stated on each provider’s website. For drivers under the age of 21 years, finding one day car insurance cover is unlikely as most providers consider this age group high risk.

Other enhancements to the insurance can be added in as required such as additional drivers, car breakdown cover and European cover. These extras may substantially increase the premium though. Temporary one day car insurance offers the flexibility of protection without unnecessary expense.

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