Save money by checking out one day car insurance for under 23's

If you're finding hard to get a reasonable quote on an annual Car Insurance policy, then have you considered one day car insurance for under 23 year olds? If you are a young driver, it will likely save you a fortune on your cover, and allow you to build up a history of incident free driving.

As this type of insurance becomes more popular with drivers, more and more companies are flocking to offer it. However, we always like to go with an experienced hand for our insurance needs, and to that end, we recommend checking out the short term policies on offer from Aviva at aviva.co.uk/short-term-car-insurance.

Aviva currently offer one of the best short term products on the market, with fully comprehensive cover available for any period between one and 28 days. No matter what the need, whether it's to borrow a friend's car for a weekend, or to take a test drive in a new car, their short term policies will cover it.

You'll also enjoy a range of brilliant perks if you take out one of their short term policies. You name the length of time you want the insurance to cover, the policy can be in place within minutes, the insurance you take out won't affect the No Claims Bonus of the vehicle you are insuring, and it's available for full business use too.

If you're taking the car away for the weekend, you can add it some brilliant additional extras like Comprehensive European Breakdown Cover, and temporary UK Breakdown cover too.

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