One in three workers skips lunch

Nearly a third (30 percent) of workers feel that they are unable to have lunch while at work because they simply have too much on their plate (workwise).

The figure is in fact an improve on the 37 percent who said two years ago that they were unlikely to take a break, but it is of course still high.

Stress at work is the culprit, according to the Aviva Health of the Workplace report. A quarter only take lunch breaks if their workload allows it, and 13% of employees skip eating at work altogether.

However, those who do eat at work often opt for unhealthy food such as sandwiches containing cheap ingredients and packets of crisps. Dr Doug Wright, head of clinical development at Aviva UK Health, says: 'It's well documented that eating more healthily can improve general wellbeing and life expectancy, so there are countless benefits to adopting this approach in the workplace. It's also important for people to take a break from their desks where possible as this can help improve both morale and efficiency for employees.

'Employers can help by offering healthy food options to support and encourage their staff to eat well, and by removing those barriers that still exist to taking a proper lunch break. Employees too need to break the habit of skipping lunch or eating at their desks. A cultural shift in the workplace towards proper lunch breaks will improve overall employee wellbeing as well as productivity.'

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