Save cash with one week car insurance uk

If you're a young driver struggling to scrabble together the funds needed for a car insurance policy then this blog is likely to be music to your ears. We've got the magic info you need for bringing your insurance expenses right down.

Lots of young drivers are beginning to open their eyes to one week car insurance uk, as it helps them to build up a history of clean driving, and also costs way less than splashing out on a year's worth of a premium. Short term car insurance is also suitable for a variety of other types of people including people test driving a car, holidaymakers, and people renting a car.

One such company offering short term policies in the UK is Day Insure. Their website is at - http://www.dayinsure.com/, so let's take a look at how it works. Day Insure policies are underwritten by giants of the insurance industry like Aviva, RAC, QBE and Mondial Assistance UK, so you know you'll be getting quality coverage.

Anyone aged 21 and over can purchase their short term, comprehensive cover for any period between one and 28 days. this is subject to a maximum of 112 days in any 12 month rolling period.

All you have to do is visit them on their website to get an instant quote that will often begin covering you that day. The cover can also be booked 28 days in advance. So check them out today and see if you can save on your car insurance.

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