Online banking evolution

Lloyds TSB are leading the pack with the next generation of online banking tools.

Their new Money Manager will help online banking customers track their savings and budget.

Now Lloyds TSB customers will be able to group outgoings like household expenses, restaurants, clothes and entertainment into categories.

The Manager then creates simple charts to show entire cash flows over two-year periods.

It also features a calendar that tracks all regular spending, such as direct debits and standing orders.

A Lloyds spokesperson said: 'This free service is another practical way for Lloyds TSB customers to be in the driving seat of their day to day banking.

'We know our customers want greater control of their money. We are investing in the tools to help them do this.'

Lloyds thinks that online money management tools such as Money Manager and independent website Money Dashboard are likely to play a big part in online banking’s future.

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