Check out CIS Insurance coverage online

Aside from the convenience of applying for car insurance from your home, CIS policies are guaranteed to be cheaper when you apply online. CIS car insurance prides itself as being the affordable option. The company claims that over 50 percent of people could save up to £80 by switching to CIS, and the business aims to provide greater value for money than its competitors in numerous ways in addition to providing a variety of services specifically for the online insurance purchaser.

Discounts - Drivers can earn up to 70 percent in a no-claim discount with CIS, and additional unspecified discounts are promised to any driver who enrols online.

Quotes - Interested drivers can complete the quote process entirely online, to receive a quoted price in a matter of minutes. The online quote tool gives individuals the opportunity to adjust various insurance options -- such as voluntary excess -- and add-ons like breakdown cover or extended courtesy car use if your own car needs repairs.

If you're not ready to make a decision, or you just want to shop around a bit more, the online CIS car insurance service offers a useful feature to store your saved quotes. You can return at a later date and modify scenarios again if desired before deciding whether to purchase.

Online Customer Service - A wide variety of frequently asked questions, detailed information and help desk services are available on the online CIS car insurance website. Customers can research types of policy, find out the fees and charges, and even view sample documents. The online site also has a variety of resources available for existing customers.

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