Types of Online Grants Available

Whether you’re studying for the first time or you’re going back to school, courses are expensive. While there are student loans, they don’t help with all the costs of studying and they aren’t available for all courses. However, there are online grants available.

The benefit of taking grants is that you won’t need to pay the money back afterwards. This is something that many people worry about since from 2012, it’s likely that students will graduate with £50,000 debt from their loans.

There are a variety of online grants available, depending on the type of study that you’re doing. There’s some specifically for those in part time education and others available for mature students and those with families. Mature student grants are usually available through the institution that you’re studying at and is based on your income. Many universities now allow you to apply for them online or will offer an form through your emails.

The Open University offers funding for students that are applying for their courses. This depends on the amount of modules that you’re planning on doing each year and you income. The forms are all online and can be found when going through the list of courses that are available for distance learning.

For those with families, there is a childcare grant available. You will find that up to 85% of the childcare costs are covered through the grant. There is also a Parent’s Learning Allowance available, which helps to cover the costs of books and course materials.

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