Online trading of investments in stocks and shares

Your choice of online trading of investments in stocks and shares will depend on numerous factors. You will need to consider how much access you need to your investment, your attitude towards risk, how long you wish to invest for and what you ultimately want to achieve from your investment.

You can invest in individual stocks and shares, or invest collectively with others to buy a large portfolio of assets. You can manage your online investments yourself or have a fund manager look after them for you.

Investing in stocks and shares can be risky. You can invest safely but usually only receive a modest return. Riskier investments may result in a higher return, or you may lose some or all of your investments.

You can pay into your investments each month or make lump-sum payments. You can also choose how long you want to invest for. Again, a short-term investment may be riskier than a long-term investment. Generally, the longer you invest the better the return will be on your initial investment. Remember that past performance of any particular investment market is no guarantee of future growth. Therefore, the value of your investment can go up as well as down.

Online investment services exist to help you manage your share dealing. Many will require you to set up a trading account. Fees and commission apply to share trading and vary from an account to account.

If you need help in making the right investment decisions for your circumstances, then you may want to arrange to meet with an independent financial advisor.

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