Top Online Mortgage providers!

Mortgage rates and terms can differ considerably among the financial institutions. Because of this it is often worthwhile shopping around. The following are some of the top online mortgage providers.


Halifax is a trusted mortgage lender with over 150 year’s experience. They provide a range of online mortgage products including loans for first time buyers, those who are moving home, remortgaging and buying to let. They also assist existing customers with switch mortgages and additional borrowing. They also provide online mortgage guidance and advice.


Nationwide are the UK's largest building society providing online mortgages. They provide an online mortgage calculator that allows you to compare mortgages and rates. Tracker mortgage rates start from an initial rate as low as 2.44% for 2 years. Fixed rate mortgage initial rates range from 2.89% for two years to 3.99% for five years.


Charcol is one of the UK's leading independent mortgage brokers. They have a team of experienced experts that are committed to finding the right mortgage product for you. They give individual advice to every client. Their website www.charcol.co.uk has a quick mortgage finder that allows you to compare rates.


Barclays is an established lender and one of the UK's major mortgage companies. They provide a range of mortgage products including fixed rate, offset, tracker, buy to let and first time buyer mortgages. They allow their customers to switch from tracker to fixed rate mortgages with no early repayment charge. They also have a re mortgage facility with a competitive rate and no additional fees.

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