For deal comparisons find an online mortgage broker

Finding a mortgage can be an arduous and time-consuming chore. Instead of spending a lot of hours sifting though the various interest rates offered by the main mortgage lenders, you might consider engaging the services of an online mortgage broker.

The best brokers will have a database of all the mortgages to suit you, with details of eligibility, fees, and those little hidden extras. They should be able to come up with a quick analysis of the market and make recommendations based on cost, flexibility and reliability.

Be wary of broker services that are attached to or linked from a lender's website. These will often be working on a commission from that lender, with a vested interest in steering the customer towards their products. An independent broker can be more impartial and offer more balanced advice.

The Mortgage Broker (www.themortgagebroker.co.uk) doesn't mess around with fancy names. They offer professional advice and guidance in all areas of the mortgage market. They will find you the best deals for standard residential mortgages, remortgages and buy to let mortgages.

For an independent broker who offers expert advice and free price comparisons head for www.rightmortgageadvice.co.uk. Check their mortgage broker blog, where you might find the answers to some of those vexing questions like whether to choose a fixed-rate or a tracker.

Mortgage Route (www.mortgageroute.co.uk) is an independent and completely free advice and mortgage comparison site. They have specialist advisors with plenty of years experience working in varying mortgage markets. Use the comparison tools and calculators on the site, then choose whether you want to register to make use of their online mortgage broker services.

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