We check out who are the best online payday loan lenders in the UK

Stuck facing a bit of a crisis in your funding? We've all ran into money problems along the road, but nowadays there is help at hand in the shape of payday loans! If you are getting ready to dip a toe into these sometimes murky waters, then let us help as we guide you towards the best online payday loan lenders in the UK.

Payday loans aren't for everybody. They are a product aimed to give you quick cash, but often at a slightly unreasonable interest rate. We have picked out a couple who aren't as exorbitant in their rates, and the first of these online lenders is www.paydayloans.org.uk/, so what are they offering? This site offers you quick cash loans of up to £1,000, which you can apply for online and have in your bank account within a matter of minutes. They offer instant approval 24 hours a day, so their service is an extremely convenient one.

Another site offering almost instant approval online for a payday loan is Payday UK, and you can check out their site at www.paydayuk.co.uk/. Payday UK allow you to borrow up to £750 instantly, and their rates are in line with the rest of the market (pay back £125 for every £100 that you borrow). They allow loan terms of up to 30 days, so you can pay back the loan whenever you get paid.

A final site offering fantastic deals is quite a famous one, and it is Wonga at www.wonga.com/. Wonga offer loan terms of any amount up to £1,000 and they have full 24 hour a day approval in place on their site. They offer a convenient and fast online service, so they are well worth a look.

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