Online shopping on the rise

Brits just can't keep a lid on their insatiable lust for online goodies, with £31.5bn sent online in the first part of this year alone.

But a new survey of 3000 shoppers found that all is not rosy, with their main gripe being the lack of a pre-defined delivery slot, meaning they have to take time off just to ensure they are there when their goods turn up.

And while this may seem just like an occasional bugbear, British shoppers spent an average of five days waiting for stuff bought on the internet to arrive, with one in five waiting two weeks for their delivery to arrive. Online grocery companies obviously can ill afford to do this, and are credited with the most sophisticated operations, though the practice of substitution still annoys many customers.

If you've had an experience of waiting around for something you bought to arrive, or if you've been pleasantly surprised by the service you've received, drop us a line in the comments below.

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