Online shopping's a must

Three in five people over the age of 65 years have never used the internet, meaning much fewer people of that age group are likely to be reading this article. But for those oldies out there who are reading, please listen up!

The Government reckons that on average households could save £560 a year if everyone took advantage of 'click and save' online deals.

Energy and utility providers often give discounts for buying online. The new British Gas Websaver 12 deal is exclusively available to web savvy customers. A home insurance policy with Direct Line bought over the internet can be 25% cheaper.

So things can be cheaper if you shop online, and in some cases you can actually make money from purchases. Cashback websites provides links to hundreds of well known retailers, and if you buy something online by going through the cashback website that website is given a commission, which it then passes back to you.

Two sites you could try are Quidco.com and Topcashback.com, which have more than 3,000 and 2,550 retailers on their books respectively.

Happy shopping!

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