HM Revenue and Customs was unable to send out thousands of reminder letters to people owing tax because it ran out of paper to print them on!

The letters were meant to sent to people reminding them to pay owed monies by July 31. But many are still to receive the letters, after HMRC failed to order enough paper to print them out.

Officials apologised for the error and added that no one would suffer financially as a result, with those not receiving the reminders given an extra 30 days to pay.

A spokesperson for HMRC said: 'Due to exceptionally high demand this year we are experiencing delays in sending paper self assessment tax statements to customers. This in no way prevents the accurate payment of tax and no one will be out of pocket as a result. Account information can be viewed on line so it isn’t necessary to wait for a paper statement. We very much regret any inconvenience and will send paper statements to everyone who should have one as soon as possible.

People who pay late because of our error wont have to pay interest.

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