Our guide to income insurance for pregnancy in England

Are you worried about your source of income in the event you may become unable to work through either pregnancy or long term illness? There is an option out there that can keep you safe in the event of either of these things happening, so in this blog we'll be checking out the income insurance for pregnancy in England can do for you and your finances. So let's take a look!

Not a lot of people take out income protection insurance, but could you cope financially if you couldn't work for an extended period of time and your company wouldn't stretch to covering you? Mortgage repayments and household bills are still going to have to be paid, so this is where income protection insurance can be vital.

One company offering extensive income protection insurance policies right now is Aviva, and you can check out their specialist section at aviva.co.uk/health/income-protection. Aviva understand the ambiguity a lot of people have towards this type of insurance cover, so they have broken it down into easy to understand guides and terms that should make it simple enough for anybody to understand!

Aviva offer perhaps the most comprehensive income protection insurance policy on market right now, but unfortunately, due to the highly personalised nature of these policies, they don't offer quotes online. Instead you'll have to call their UK based call centre at 0800 42 42 42 to get a quote. One of their team of insurance experts will have a quote for you within minutes.

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