Our guide to taking out a personal car lease

If you really want to get a new car, but can't afford to buy outright, then have you considered a personal car lease? More and more people are finding out the bargains out there if you are willing to lease a car. So lets take a look at what's out there.

Leasing a car is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. You get a brand new car, but you don't have to shell out the full cost to get it. Perhaps the best and most comprehensive site for car leasing in the UK is Nationwide Vehicle Contacts, who you can find online at nationwidevehiclecontracts.co.uk. This site is the biggest one in the UK for leasing a car, offering a whopping selection at really reasonable prices.

To give an example of the kind of deals you can expect to get on the site, they are currently offering a brand new Ford Fiesta with free metallic paint on a two year contract for just £114.95 per month plus VAT. As with most lease contracts, there's the choice to buy the car at the end of your lease arrangement if you so wish. Otherwise, you can give it back and lease another brand new car.

All of their lease arrangements come with a number of guarantees. You get optional car maintenance, variable contract and mileage terms, finance is arranged through the UK's largest vehicle lease providers, and they even offer car insurance through their Gap Insurance policies.

You can apply to lease a car online and pick it up from one of their leasing centres around the UK. Check them out today for a brilliant deal on a leased car.

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