Don't blow all your pension on over 65's travel insurance

Retirement nowadays is often the start of years of overseas holidays and travel for active pensioners. They don't want to be put off by inflated travel insurance premiums. Silver surfers checking online can find some great deals on over 65's travel insurance.

Saga (www.saga.co.uk) are experts in most aspects of travel for the mature client. They have a great understanding of the insurance needs of over 65s. Their policies have a number of attractive features designed to appeal to this age group.

They cover most medical conditions, and offer an online medical screening service. They won't rule you out even if you have an existing medical issue. They provide a 24-hour English-speaking helpline at no extra cost, for advice during your trip. There are additional cover options, so you can tailor your policy to suit your needs. There is no upper age limit, and there are discounts available for partners and other couples named on your policy.

To check the best rates use a comparison site like www.comparethemarket.com or www.money.co.uk. For short trips to EU countries, premiums can be remarkably cheap. A Silver policy with insurefortravel.co.uk costs only £8.40 for a week in France, Spain or Portugal.

The important thing is to read the detail of each policy, paying particular attention to the sums covered for medical care, and for the excess charges. The majority of claims on travel insurance are for lost or stolen items, so if you are taking valuable equipment on holiday check the policy fine print.

It may be tempting to keep quiet about existing medical conditions to save money, but this is unwise. If the deception is discovered, your over 65's travel insurance policy could be void. Remember to take your EHIC card abroad for medical treatment in EU countries.

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