Which bank offers the best overdraft account?

Are you looking for a bank account that offers you a safe place to store your cash, but also offers you the full service of an overdraft feature for a rainy day? Most British banks do offer an overdraft, but sometimes the value on offer leaves a lot to be desired. We believe we have found one bank offering a brilliant overdraft account and we are going to take a closer look at it in this blog.

With all of the different options in the banking market, it can be hard to know just which bank offers the best value for your cash. We recommend taking a look at the excellent Barclay's Current Account Plus, which you can find on their website at http://www.barclays.co.uk/. The Barclays Current Account Plus is designed for people who want a little peace of mind from their account, knowing an overdraft will be there if they need it.

The overdraft offered by Barclays represents brilliant value. Under the terms of the account, you will get an interest free overdraft of up to £300 to use at any time you want. You can go over this, and become overdrawn to the tune of £5,000 if you wish, but anything above the £300 mark will see you have to pay interest of 18.3% on the balance. The current account plus also offers another excellent feature too.

Anyone with one of these accounts will also receive mobile phone insurance included in their premium, meaning they continue to pile up the savings. The only downside to this account is that is costs £5 a month, but in our opinion, this is a small price to pay for peace of mind with your cash!


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