Ovo Energy Review

Ovo Energy is a relatively new company on the energy scene in the UK so here is our official Ovo Energy review! We will take a look at the plans on offer to customers in a bid to see if Ovo Energy could save your household some money on energy bills.

Better Value for Customers

Ovo energy entered the UK market pledging to give customers who placed their trust in the company high quality energy at a cheaper price than the old guard. Since Ovo started providing energy this certainly seems to be the case and the average savings compared to the leading energy companies in the UK comes in at around the £120 a year mark per household.

Ovo offer 2 plans to customers and this is in keeping with the simple customer experience they strive to provide. The first plan is called New Energy Plan and this gets customers competitively priced energy, 15% of which comes from renewable sources. The second plan is the Green Energy Plan and this is for the most environmentally conscious customers who want to avail of energy which is 100% sources from renewable sources. To get a quote on either of these plans just head over to www.ovoenergy.com.

In what is the biggest gesture that Ovo are interested in keeping their customers happy, besides their competitively priced plans, is that if you have credit on your account leftover from your last bill, Ovo will pay you 3% interest on that credit balance meaning that essentially you will earn more on surplus money on your Ovo account than you can do in most savings accounts these days!

Top Class Customer Service

As part of this Ovo Energy review we have to mention the customer service as this is something that impresses a large number of Ovo customers on a daily basis. Ovo pride themselves on keeping their customers happy and there are statistics on www.ovoenergy.com stating the average response times to calls and emails which are impressive to say the least. Ovo customers also rave about how there are no hidden fees and confusing language around the plans as you find with the other energy providers in the market.

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