Own-brands ’just as nutritious’

The findings will bring relief to many cash-strapped Britons who rely on own brands as way of cutting the cost of the weekly food bill.

Professor Barbara Livingstone, who supervised the study, said: 'It is important these days when the price of food is going through the roof for people who might feel guilty about buying own brands to know they are not nutritionally inferior.'

The study at the University of Ulster involved researchers buying a range of common everyday own-brand items from supermarkets and then the same foods made by big name manufacturers, and comparing them.

Comparing the own brands, Sainsbury's was the most nutritious, Waitrose the leat nutritious, Asda came out as best value.

However, John Noble, of the British Brands Group, said consumer preference was not only about nutrition.

'Healthy eating is one [factor], the product that they are most familiar with might be another,’ he added. ‘It might be that they buy particular products because they are widely available. Taste is also a factor.'

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