Filling in your P11D Form Easily Explained

Filling in forms is never a fun task but some times it just needs to get done. The P11D form is the form that allows you declare all your expenses and benefits to the state. If you have a P11D form that is waiting for you to fill it in then fear not. We will outline the process in order to make it easier for you to complete it.

What is Involved?

First things first, you need to be absolutely certain that a P11D form is the correct form to fill out in your circumstances. Only employees earning £8,500 a year or more and company directors need to fill out a P11D form. If you earn less than £8,500 per year then you need to get yourself a P9D form.

A P11D form is used primarily to report expenses and benefits provided to an employee. This includes wages, the value of all expenses and any other benefits received by an employee. You need to include all of the relevant details in the applicable categories of the form. Individual expenses and benefits must be calculated as honestly as possible.

The £8,500 amount is calculated on a pro rata basis so if a staff member works less than a full year they might still be required to use a P11D form. For example, if a person works for nine months of the year then that person would only fill out a P11D form if they earned over £6,375. Otherewise, they also require a P9D form.

Company directors earning over £8,500 per year must also fill out a P11D form unless it is stated that they have no material interest in the company or if they are working as a director of a non-profit organisation. In these cases, a company director should be filling out a P9D form.

Assistance is Available

If you are still struggling to fill out your P11D form correctly then you can get assistance from HM Revenue & Customs. A P11D guide is available for download at www.hmrc.gov.uk to help you with any troublesome areas on your form. You can also get information on the deadline date so that you have submitted your form well in advance.

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