Third party mobility scooter insurance covers many risks

Third party mobility scooter insurance is the most basic form of insurance you can get for your mobility scooter. Although mobility scooter insurance isn't a legal requirement in the UK just yet, it can still solve a lot of problems for you if you're involved in an accident.

While they're not as common as with other types of powered vehicles, accidents can occur on mobility scooters.

Imagine you're driving along the road, minding your own business, and a small child runs out in front of you. On most mobility scooters there are no brakes and it takes some time - the wind-down period - before the scooter stops.

If you're unfortunate enough to hit the child and cause an injury, you could be liable for a personal injury compensation claim. With third party mobility scooter insurance, you're covered against this risk and the insurance company will take care of the claim for you.

Similarily, if you're in a shop or on a business premise and you accidently hit a shelf, you could be liable for damages. Again, having third party mobility scooter insurance will protect you here. It's just not worth taking the risk of not having mobility scooter, especially when you consider the great prices you can get your mobility scooter insured for.

If you want to step up the level of cover for your mobility scooter, you might be interested in third party fire and theft mobility scooter insurance. With the increasing number of mobility scooters on the road, theft is becoming a bigger problem. The only way to ensure you're not left covering the cost of a replacement scooter is to get it insured today.

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