Pay as you drive car insurance for young drivers makes so much sense

Pay as you drive insurance for young drivers is a new way for inexperienced motorists to get on the road. This group of people regularly have difficulty securing cheap car insurance because they're seen as the riskiest group of drivers to insure by car insurance companies.

And this is a major obstacle to getting a car on the road when you're just starting out in life.

Pay as you drive car insurance works by attaching a small device, known as a tracker, to the car you want to get insured in. The tracker sends information back to the insurance company on your driving habits and this enables them to provide you with a premium that's a much a fairer reflection on how you drive.

Young people who rarely use the car - maybe just to go to work or college - can look forward to paying a premium that is much more manageable. Apart from teaching young people responsibility, it also acts as major incentive to leave the car at home and avail of public transport when it's available; benefiting bank accounts and the environment in the process.

The tracker also acts as an anti-theft locator when it's attached to cars. If the car happens to be stolen, it's a huge relief knowing that the insurance company can locate the car within a couple of minutes. This additional security also pushes down the cost of car insurance for young people.

Many insurance companies offer pay as you drive car insurance to young drivers and it's definitely worth considering for anyone under the age of 25.


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