pay as you go car insurance deals can save you money

It may be a relative newcomer to the Car Insurance market, but pay as you go car insurance deals are making some serious waves in the Insurance market, enabling plenty of drivers to snag bargain insurance without being ripped off.

Pay as you go car insurance works off the simple premise that if you only drive a limited amount of miles, then you only really need cover for this limited amount. There's no point in splashing out thousands for excessive cover that you simply don't need.

More and more UK Car Insurance providers are cottoning on to the Pay as you go car insurance craze, but which is the best one? Well, we have no hesitation recommending Cover Box, the UK based Insurer who specialise in cheaper Car Insurance for young drivers.

Cover Box policies work by scouring the market for find insurance cover from a variety of different providers based on the miles and time that you drive. Their policies are comprehensive, and you'll also get windscreen protection included as well as a courtesy car.

Cover Box stand out from the crowd because of their policy of installing a free tracker on every car they insure, meaning if anything were to happen to your motor, you would be well covered, with police able to pinpoint the location of your car within minutes.

Cover Box provide quotes online within minutes or you can contact their call centre if you prefer to deal with a human voice, check them out for a cheap quote today!

pay as you go car insurance deals

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