Pay as you go insurance for Young Drivers

Pay as you go car insurance for young drivers has eventually landed in the UK. This is a new innovative system that is available to anybody in the UK and it helps you to keep your insurance costs down to a minimum. With Coverbox.co.uk you get comprehensive car insurance based on the amount of miles you drive. So the less you drive, the less your insurance will cost you. So how does this work?

  1. Get a quote from coverbox.co.uk. It is a comparison website that lets you choose your own insurer. You can choose from some of the UK's top insurers including Allianz, Sabre, Groupama and The co-operative. All policies are fully comprehensive and include windscreen protection and a courtesy car.
  2. Get a free tracker installed by a professional engineer. What's more, the tracker also tracks your car so if your vehicle happens to be stolen, one call to Coverbox and they can easily find your car using a special satellite system. You simply predict your mileage for the month and then you get a refund if you drove less but your premium might increase if you drive more.
  3. Take control by using your very own personal online dashboard. You can check out times and miles that you have drove and even compare that to other users of the same vehicle to see how your car is performing.

As you can see, this is an excellent policy for those who need to control their insurance costs. Simply log onto coverbox.co.uk and get your quote in minutes!

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