Under 21? Have you checkout out pay as you go insurance?

Pay as you go car insurance for drivers under 21 is a fantastic new way of avoiding the huge insurance costs that come with being a young driver.

As drivers under the age of 21 are viewed by insurance companies as the riskiest group to insure, the typical price of car insurance rockets for this unlucky age bracket. And that's a real problem when you're just starting out in life and money is tight.

Pay as you go car insurance is a really good way of cutting your premium by driving safely and cutting down on the miles you do. The insurance company fits a black box to your car that tells them how fast you're driving and how often too.

If you're not constantly on the go and driving safely when you are, you're in a position to avail of much cheaper car insurance. It's a fantastic way of rewarding safe young drivers, instead of labelling them  as reckless and dangerous and punishing them.

There are several other advantages to pay as you go car insurance for people under-21. Apart from being an added incentive to leave the car at home and use public transport when possible, the black box can also be used as tracker. It's a real relief having the peace of mind that if your car is stolen, it can be located within seconds by the insurance company.

Many car insurance providers are now offering pay as you go car insurance to drivers under 21. Don't be afraid to ask for it because it's an excellent way of making getting on the road more affordable.

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