Save money with pay as you go insurance for young drivers

If you're a young car driver struggling with how you'll afford your car insurance policy then you aren't alone. There are hundreds of drivers in the same boat as you! A recent entry into the insurance market has been pay as you go insurance for young drivers, so let's take a look and see if it can save you any money!

The main purpose of pay as you go insurance is; Why should you pay the same amount for cover if you only drive half the distance of a comparable driver? That's why companies like Cover Box have flourished, and you can check them out online at - http://www.coverbox.co.uk/index.php.

Coverbox are an insurer that specialise in pay as you go cover, even going as far as to offer refunds to drivers who drive less miles than predicted. Their policies can be paid off in one annual lump sum, or else paid monthly by direct debit, the choice is up to you!

How does it work though? Cover Box take a reading of your mileage at the start of the policy, then again at renewal time, with discounts offered for drivers who have gone under their allowance. They will also fit a tracker in your car for free, so if your car is stolen, police will be able to find it almost instantly.

All of their policies offer comprehensive insurance, with Courtesy car, Windscreen protection, Personal accident and Personal possessions included as standard. Check them out and see what they can save you today!

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