Are you looking for pay day loans in ireland?

Are you in need of a cash injection? If so there are pay day loans in Ireland that might be able to help you and we have done our research for you and in this blog we will look at a few different companies that offer payday loans and at what cost.

Pay day loans are small loans given by licensed companies to people who have emergency financial problems which gets paid back then when the next payday arrives. It is fast cash and it is very easy to acquire and your past credit rating is not even taken into consideration. There is certain criteria that you will have to meet in order to obtain a payday loan like you must be over 18 years of age and you must be in employment. If you are deemed eligible for a loan you can have it in a few hours.

For pay day loans in Ireland the most popular choice among people is the respected moneylender Provident. Loans from these are unsecured so you won't have to provide any collateral and if you find yourself in a default situation none of your assets will be seized. You can borrow up to 500 euro which you pay back 15 euros a week for 52 weeks which will mean you pay back 780 euro. These are ideal for a quick loan and you can apply on line at www.providentpersonalcredit.ie.

Borronow.ie is another way of getting payday loans in Ireland. These differ from Provident because they offer you a loan which is secured against your valuables. They offer loans from 500 euros upwards and you can make an enquiry on 01 642 53 84.

We hope you have found this blog useful in your search for a payday loan.



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