Payday advance in Ireland

A payday advance in Ireland? That's unheard of!

With payday couple of weeks away, a little cash injection would help greatly. You're good for the money you just need an advance. In the UK these are called 'Payday Loans.' They have proved to be very popular in the UK but Ireland isn't having it, no payday loans for the Emerald Isle.

Why you ask? Basically the financial regulator will not give credit licenses to a company that charges a crazy APR. That's it, no other reason. In many ways this is a good idea, it prevents people from racking up some unpayable debt. All they would have to do is counter act this with a limited sum of money per person but that's not happening.

So, what does someone do when they have no money and payday is weeks away? Well, there is a sneaky way around this. Businesses like 'Provident' have been operational in Ireland for many years. They basically loan out small amounts money that you pay back over a set number of months. There is nothing stopping you paying the whole amount when you get paid though, so there's your loophole!

Provident will send an agent out to you within a few days. All you have to do is give them a few details and they will pay you cash in hand on the spot. They will call once a week for the weekly payment and then when you get paid you can pay the amount back, plus some interest.

There you have it, a payday loan that isn't really a payday loan in the eyes of the financial regulator!

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