Who is the best payday loan lender out there?

Are your embattled finances in need of a hero to help take the strain off? If so, then have you considered taking out a payday loan? These brilliant little financial products help you to make ends meet, giving you enough cash to meet any obligations you might have until you get your next pay cheque. In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at just who is the best Payday Loan lender.

Our criteria for picking our favourite payday loan lender was simple, we wanted one company who offered a brilliant rate, and flexible terms when it comes to actually paying back the loan. Under those terms, we found that www.earlypayday.co.uk came out way on top as an extremely reputable loan provider who offer reasonable terms and instant decisions.

Early Pay Day are one of the UK's largest and well established providers of payday loans, and they are a direct lender, so no broker is involved, bringing down the costs you will have to bare. They have been operating since 2003, and operate a policy of welcoming loan applications from all comers, including people with bad credit.

Their loan charges are extremely favourable and fall well within the terms you would expect from other competitive loan lenders. Simply put, they operate on the "borrow £100, pay back £125" terms that most payday lenders operate under, and paying back on time is the only way to avoid the silly interest rates of over 1,000% that pay day loans can incur when they go beyond maturation.

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