Information on finding payday loan lenders only

Most people when they are looking for a payday loan want the minimum of fuss and the fastest approval and service possibly. While there are plenty of payday loan lenders only out there who offer this kind of service, it is sometimes difficult to find them with all the brokers getting in first. Payday brokers are a service which helps people find a payday to suit them. Unfortunately, when they advertise their services it is not always immediately clear they are brokers. This means the claims of "guaranteed acceptance" and "instant approval" apply to being accepted by the broker not the loan company. This often leads to disappointment for some borrowers.

Finding payday loan lenders only is relatively easy once you know how to spot the difference between those and a broker service. Firstly, most payday loan lenders do not charge any fees, including administration, membership or loan fees. Any fees they do charge are usually factored into their interest rate, which is clear from the beginning how much you are paying. Secondly, payday loan brokers usually have a disclaimer at the bottom of their website, saying they look through a list of reputable lenders and cannot be held responsible for any loan you take out with a third party. Any website which mentions a third party is a broker service.

It is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with using a broker service, in fact the ones who do charge fees usually find some good deals for a person looking for a specific payday loan. However, when you need a payday loan in a hurry, it makes sense to want to check out payday loan lenders only.

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