Information on PDSA pet insurance

The PDSA pet insurance plans start from as little as 12-pence a day and offer cover for any unexpected vet's bills. This can be a huge burden off a family who may otherwise have to pay for their dog or cat to have expensive surgery or treatment in the event of an accident. Choosing the plan for you really depends on your animal and how much cover you think you will need. The PDSA will insure animals from 8-weeks-old onwards and there is no upper age limits in place. However, if your cat was to die from illness aged nine or over and your dog aged 11 or over, you would not benefit from the death from illness cover, all other benefits on your policy would still apply though.

When you purchase any of the three PDSA pet insurance plans, the charity also receives a small donation from the large insurer who underwrite all their plans. This means as well as getting cover for your animal, you are also helping provide care for other less-fortunate animals in the 100s of PDSA shelters across the UK. If you buy your plan online via the PDSA website, you will also receive a 5-percent discount off your chosen plan. You can also choose to pay your pet insurance monthly, at no extra cost. This means the price you see is the price you pay.

PDSA pet insurance, like most pet insurance companies, do not provide cover for any pre-existing conditions your animal may have. Routine treatments such as spaying or neutering are also not covered in the insurance. You do receive accidental damage cover as well as various illness and death benefits. The exact policy you receive will depend on your animal's circumstances, as the PDSA will tailor the policy to suit your specific needs.

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