What Are Pell Grants

Pell grants are funded by the federal government and are accepted at around 5,500 educational institutions all over the United States. How much the designated grant is depends on a number of contributing factors, including the chosen institution, whether the student will be making contributions and the total cost of the student's attendance.

The Department of Education are the people in charge of deciding who has the greatest need for the Pell grants. They have to use a congress-formulated assessment on the relevant documentation handed in by the student. They take in to consideration, the student's total income, the parent's assets and total combined income as well as the size of the household the student lives in. It is not uncommon for the parents of the student to make contributions towards the Pell grants once they have been awarded.

The student is required to complete a Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) form, which contains all the necessary personal and financial information the Department needs to make their decision. Once this has been completed the student as well as the educational institution they plan to attend will receive a report detailing whether the application has been successful or not.

Pell grants can only be granted to a student while they are attending one educational institution and completing one educational course. Students who are doing more than one class cannot apply for more than one grant. There may be other financial help available both for people in receipt of Pell grants and for those who were turned down. This information can be obtained from student services at their own educational institution or by getting in touch with the Department of Education direct.

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