Top Pension Brokers in the UK!

Making sure you have the right pension is important and it often helps to get expert advice. The following are among the top pension brokers in the UK.

Killik Co.

Killik & Co. are one of the top financial advisors in the UK with over 20years experience in pension advice. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that provide advice to investors of all sizes. They also offer a wide range of permitted personal pension investments. Registering with them is easy and you simply need to download the application form, complete it and send it off with the necessary documentation. They have arelatively small minimum commission of just £30 and reduced fund management fees.

IFA Brokers

IFA stands for independent financial brokers. The website www.ifabrokers.co.uk helps you find the right pension broker for you. The brokers that are recommendedare regulated by the Financial Services Authority. All brokers are highly qualified and experienced. IFAs are required by law to do research into the entire market and offer unbiased pension advice.


HSBC are one of the largest banks in the UK and are the world's local bank. They have a team of personal financial and pension brokers and advisors. They also provide pension plans that capitalise on global investment opportunities. Your pension fund money is invested by experts around the world to help ensure you make the most out of your money. They also offer a tax relief of 20% for a basic rate taxpayer.

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