Keep up with your finances, with the latest pension information

Beginning to approach that age where you start to worry about your pension? It's only understandable if you have concerns about your pension payments, given the volatile state of the stock markets in recent months. Before you panic though, find all the pension information you need online.

If you aren't too sure about your pension provisions, a good starting point is the Government's pension advice page at www.direct.gov.uk/en/Pensionsandretirementplanning. This offers an overview of state and company pensions.

If you had vague dreams of running a yacht and sports car on a state pension, that fantasy has to end. Government guidelines show that the basic state pension at present is just £102.15 a week, assuming you have made a sufficient number of National Insurance payments.

Even if the rumoured increase to £155 per week by 2015 occurs, it's apparent that state pensions aren't going to cover anything except the most basic needs, and most of us will be relying on our company pensions to keep us comfortable in our retirement.

This is going to be an area of major political conflict in the coming years, as there will be a substantial disparity between those lucky enough to have a secure final salary pension arrangement, and the majority who have been relying on the efficient performance of their pension pots in the financial markets.

For insights into the often murky world of company pensions www.pensionsorter.co.uk is a useful resource. Find out about the issue of annuities, how much you can expect to receive for your payments, and whether it is practicable and advisable to transfer your pension.

For a helpful news digest of the latest pension information and analysis head to www.pension100.co.uk, which collates pension material from a wide range of sources.

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