Choose NFU Mutual for your pensions and investments

NFU Mutual offers a range of insurance, pensions and investments to its customers. NFU Mutual provides financial solutions that suit your needs. Their investment team looks after over £12 billion in assets.

You would receive between £102 and £137 a week as a State Pension if you retired now. If you want to have a more comfortable retirement, then you will need to invest in a pension plan. Anyone can contribute into a personal stakeholder pension. You can invest up to £3,600 a year irrespective of your earnings. This allows part-time workers, non-earning partners, children to invest in their pension for the first time.

NFU Mutual’s Stakeholder Pension Plan offers a flexible way to invest for your retirement. You will also receive a tax credit on your contributions. You choose one of eight investment funds depending on your attitudes towards risk and investment plans. You can invest up to £50,000 or up to the amount you earn each year, whichever is lower.

NFU Mutual has an experienced investment team that can help you invest, either through mutually managed funds, or you can select the assets or markets in which to invest. You can also combine both selections to suit your investment criteria.

If you are looking forward to achieving growth and receive guarantees on your investment, then you may be interested in NFU Mutual Classic Bond or Vintage Bond products that guarantee a cash-in value at each five-year anniversary.

If you are investing for the long haul, then you can save your lump sum or make regular investments in the NFU Mutual’s Portfolio Investment Plan. Here, your investment is pooled together with other investors into an investment fund.

If you are investing for the medium to long term, then decide to cash in your investment as you may not get back your initial investment.

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