About personal banking

Online personal banking has revolutionised the way in which we conduct our finances. No longer are we restricted to transferring our money and printing a statement from within the confines of the bank. Indeed, also gone are the days of queuing in a bank to make a simple request regarding your account. The internet has changed everything, and you nowadays many of us will find ourselves seldom needing to actually visit a physical bank branch.

Enter the world of online personal banking, where you can manage your bank accounts from within the confines of your own home. As long as you have a bank account with one of the major UK banks, you will most likely have access to online banking. So what else can you do with this facility?

Well, firstly you have instant access to full bank statements, with freedom to examine outgoing and incoming funds by selecting any date range - without having to ask the bank to print a statement on your behalf.

You can also transfer money to any bank account. With some personal banking accounts, such as Natwest Online Banking, customers are provided with an electronic card reader that allows them to swipe their bank card to easily and securely transfer funds to different bank accounts.

Many online personal banking systems also provide some form of money analysis and accounting, effectively allowing you to chart and track your yearly expenditure, identifying outgoings that can be cut back to save you money.

Online banking is of course just the beginning. The future of personal banking will see even more customer options and interaction with your bank - and your spending.

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