Our guide to getting a Personal Car Lease


personal car lease is the perfect solution for those of you who need a car for a short period of time, or for those people who perhaps cannot afford to purchase their own car at the moment.

It allows you the luxury of driving a car without all the messy on-road taxes, you do not need to worry about it depreciating (as you will not be re-selling it) and usually the monthly repayments work out cheaper than the hypothetical payments you would be otherwise making on a car loan. Plus, there's the advantage of driving a brand, new car every few years!

Now that we have sold you the idea of personal car leasing, it is time to start the research! Where can you lease your own personal car? Well, a good place to begin is the website of Lease Car Direct.

By filling in their simple online form with the details of the car you would like to lease, you can locate a car leasing dealership immediately. You can also filter your search via your budget, the manufacturer and the type of car body you prefer. Make sure you click on their Special Offers tab to check out the best car leasing deals around the UK.

Another excellent source is GMC Leasing. According to their website, these guys specialise in providing car leasing contracts, especially personal car leases. They, too, have an online form with which you can search for the car that fits your exact needs, and a comprehensive Special Deals section whereby you can look through all the car leasing contracts that are available at a great monthly price. Take a look at their Tax and Insurance section as well, to ensure that you know exactly what is entailed when you lease a car with GMC Leasing.

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